About Us


Our goal is to bring awareness and help businesses make clever decisions when implementing Artificial Intelligence into their business. We want to become the place to go when seeking AI advice, with our expert team all around the world we can deliver professional advice on a multitude of industries.


Gilles Richard

Gilles, Ph.D. Maths &  Ph.D. Computer Science, is Professor of Computer Science at Paul Sabatier University (UPS – Toulouse 3 – France). He is also founder of Geom, an AI based startup that focuses on transforming 2-dimensional images into 3-dimensional objects using machine learning algorithms and image processing.
Gilles is also involved in Dystech and AI based startup. He is author of the book Computational Approaches to Analogical Reasoning.

Antoine Rizk

Antoine, Ph.D. Computer Science, has 30 years of experience in Information Technology and product marketing with major software vendors and consultancy firms. Antoine had previously a number of leadership roles as a founder of many start-ups, partner with a consultancy firm, as well as researcher and University Professor.

Antoine Rizk holds a Ph.D and a BS.c (Hons.) in Computer Science, both respectively from the University of Sussex, UK.

Hugo Richard

Hugo has worked as a business analyst for the past two years in Australia, he has also been involved in many startups using AI technology. Hugo has been working with Artificial Intelligence for many years now he had previously a number of data and process analytic experience with the retail and manufacturing industries.